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Hi Everyone -
Hope you are all doing well and had a GREAT Holiday weekend! I have an update on my new granddaughter, Claire Elizabeth. I hope you will bear with a very excited 'NeeNee' as I share some photos of our new bundle of joy! I will be 'back to business' tomorrow in the email I send out with the class calendar and photos of the upcoming classes.

Claire Elizabeth Canavan came into the world on Saturday afternoon, August 30th at 2:54 PM. I was on a flight en route to Atlanta when she arrived ( it happened the same way when Emeila was born - I was on a plane en route). She is 6lbs./14oz. and 19" long. She is beautiful and Emelia is in love with her baby sister.

When I arrived in Atlanta, I went straight to the hospital and didn't leave until we were discharged this afternoon. I will be here in Atlanta helping until Monday, September 8th.

This is the first photo of Claire.

Emelia is checking out her baby sister.

The gang is ready to leave the hospital - Michael is getting the car - the girls are hitching a ride on the cart! The stuffed dog in the car seat is a gift from Emelia to Claire (Emelia & I bought it for Claire in the gift shop).

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers for my family during this exciting time! Everyone is doing great - I am so tired (and I am here 6 more days)! I guess a new baby and an almost 3 year old will do that to a NeeNee!

Look for another email tomorrow with the calendar of all the great classes we have scheduled for September! If you need to contact me, my email address is:

See you soon!
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