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Weather may occasionally interfere with our store hours and classes. PLEASE call ahead if there is any doubt in your mind if we are open. Thank you so much!


Hi Everyone -
Hope you are doing well and staying warm today! Brrr - it's so cold. When I left my hotel on Melbourne Beach this morning it was 42 degrees outside! Thankfully, I took my Uggs with me, so my toes were toasty!

Quick update on my mom - I got home this afternoon from being with her. She is not doing well. She cannot speak and we are not sure she recognizes us, but she is holding her own. Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. I appreciate it!

DIES TO DIE FOR CLASS - Tuesday, February 24, 1-3PM. Class Fee: $22 (class fee includes the die). I have had some questions about this class, so I wanted to clarify what we will be doing with the Tag Die I showed you in the last email. We are NOT going to make a tag with it - we are actually making a really cool mini album/tag book with it. It will be similar to the photo pictured below ( the tag book in the photo below is made with a different tag die than we will be using - but the one we will be using will be similar). I hope to have a photo of the tag book we will be creating tomorrow. The book is made out of tags of varying sizes - the die will be used to decorate the edges of the tag pages. Here is the photo of the tag die and below is the photo of the 'tag book.'

The 'tag book' we will be creating will be similar to the one in this photo.

Hope this information helps! I will come out with another email over the weekend to update you on the rest of the month!

Thanks again for all your patience and support!
"Do Something Creative Everyday!"