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An Addition to the Calendar!

Hi Everyone -
Happy Tuesday! It was brought to my attention - by my big sister Donna - that in yesterday's newsletter, I stated the Craft Apron Class was on June 26th - it is not! The Craft Apron class is SATURDAY, JUNE 25TH, 1-4PM! Thanks Donna, I appreciate your help - still looking out for your little sister, haha!

ALSO - MARK YOUR CALENDAR: USED STAMP/CRAFT SALE, SATURDAY AUG. 6TH, 9:30AM - 2PM. As you organize all your stamps, papers, embellishments, etc this summer - make sure you mark a bin for our 'USED STAMP/CRAFT SALE!"  If you want to participate, you MUST call The Stamper's Cove to register (receive your code) No Later Than SATURDAY, JULY 30TH. As a participant, here's how it works:

- Call The Stamper's Cove to register (receive your code), no later than Saturday, July 30th.
- You do not need to be present the day of the sale - we sell your items for you!
- The Stamper's Cove receives 25% of participants sales.
- Participants will receive the balance of their sales in cash.
- All of your products must be marked with your code and the price (ex: do not bring a box of loose paper and mark the box $.10 each)! Instead - bag your paper thematically, same color, etc. and put a price on the bag.
- Bring your items to The Stamper's Cove between Tuesday, Aug 2nd and Thursday, Aug. 4th.
- All containers (bags, boxes, bins, etc) that you bring your craft items in, must be marked with your name.
- All items that do not sell, must be picked up no later than Thursday, Aug. 11th.(you can come between 2-4PM on Saturday, Aug.6th, if you prefer).
- The Stamper's Cove does not keep track of your inventory and we are not responsible for items lost, misplaced, etc.
- If you have any questions - please call The Stamper's Cove: 941-907-0802.

I think that's it for now! Have a great week everyone! Stop by and say 'hi!'
"Do Something Creative Everyday!"